1. Can I download the game on a non android phone?

You can’t download the game on non android Phone.

  1. For how long will the games be there on my mobile handset?

Until & unless user will not uninstall the game manually.

  1. How can I unsubscribe?
  • Unsubscribe by GameZTwo Wap Portal
  • User gets the option of “Click to unsubscribe” on GameZTwo Wap Portal Page for unsubscribe the service.
  • Once the user will unsubscribe the service, user will get the conformation SMS: Your subscription to GameZTwo has been terminated. Thank you for your patronage. To subscribe again, https://wap.gameztwo.com/
  • Unsubscribe by SMS
  • User will receive a message after subscription. Successful subscription for xx/wk. Auto renewal on <date>. To access, https://wap.gameztwo.com/. To cancel, un.gameztwo.com/u/xxxxxx”.
  • Click to cancel link on message , user will be unsubscribed
  1. Can I play downloaded games on my mobile phone even after unsubscribing?

After unsubscribing, you can’t download the game. And downloaded games will get lock and user can not play the games after unsubscribed.

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