About Us

GameZTwo is briskly emerging mobile publisher with an aim of interactive entertainment, admirable characteristics for Smartphones and Tablets. GameZtwo has launched in 2018 in Myanmar with a simple objective in mind to have a sense of physical liability and commitment to the mission which has been decided and committed to productize the finest games.

Recently GameZTwo has become the independent division of MoMagic,leading artificial intelligent marketing company. GameZTwo has developed the games using the artificial intelligence capabilities which can enhance the players and users overall gaming experiences on smartphones and Tablets.

Therefore, We are teamed up with the most experienced and enlightened developers who are a lure to give a fun, thrilling and wow experience to the gamer, around with many available options in a world.

Artifical Intelligence allows giving a better visual experience which uniquely depends on quality. As gaming is the basic foundation of Artificial Intelligence, which helps in providing the ground for the better stimulation, diverse environment and tests of authenticity that are the vital role of virtual experiences. Even GameZTwo uses 360-degree users-insight intelligent technology to realize and forecast user behaviour with the acquisition.

GameZtwo started with simple 100 effective and diligent users but with our promises towards duties now numbers turned up to 10K diligent users. GameZTwo is now the fastest growing gaming portal to develop arcade, puzzle, racing, casual and many other games.

"We Believe in Mutual Respect"

We the 'GamezTwo' believe and accept that the success is grown upon the shared perseverance of great people whose sense of mutual respect and teamwork which helps in our performance.

Our Mission:-

To be leading best game developer domestically as well as across the boundaries.

Our Vision:-

To provide the finest gaming solutions and create vast portfolios of games.


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